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Kevin grew up on a farm here in the Coulee Region and now operates his own farm in northern La Crosse County. He is an agriculture leader at the local, state, and national levels. A lifetime on the farm taught Kevin the value of hard work, which he will bring to Madison.

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Kevin has long been a leader in his field and his community. In addition to national and state leadership roles with agriculture groups and in crafting state and federal policy, Kevin is currently a Town of Hamilton supervisor and La Crosse County Board supervisor.



A lifetime of experience has taught Kevin that leadership isn't about issuing press releases, it's about faithful service. If elected, he will bring a service-oriented mentality to Madison to make sure the people of the 94th have a voice in the room and a seat at the table.




Growing up on the farm, hard work became a habit. As your representative in the Assembly, I pledge to work every day for what we value here in the Coulee Region - quality education for our kids, a modern infrastructure, affordable healthcare, and stronger family farms.

I pledge to ensure your hard-earned tax dollars are used wisely and taxes are held in check. It's time to lower the tax burden in Wisconsin.

I pledge to listen to your voice and give the people of the 94th Assembly District a seat at the table in Madison.

In short, I will be a tireless advocate for our communities. These are some of the values I promise to fight for in Madison.


Your generous support is critical to ensuring Kevin continues a strong campaign. Times are tough for many of us, but if you can spare a few bucks it will have a big impact! Thank you as always!